Can Cloud Technology Change a Stupid Policy?

Welcome to my personal crusade to change a senseless and shortsighted policy upheld by an airline otherwise known for rather excellent customer awareness and service.

Let me be real clear on the front end. I’m a big fan of Southwest Airlines. Business travel can be exhausting. Constant delays. Long lines. Poor service. Southwest has always risen above the rest and has made business travel bearable. I’ve always just recognized that the Southwest culture is the big difference. Their people have better attitudes, are more friendly, and have created a very… Read More

Driving Sales in a World Without Cold Calls

Sales teams are the engine that keeps businesses running, and sales leads are the engine’s fuel.

What has changed is the way sales team connects with leads. Gone are the days of door-to-door salespeople, cold calling, and relationship selling.

Today, connecting with sales leads is more about the marketing materials and a lot less about the mechanism.

A Paradigm Shift That Keeps the Leads Coming

In the past, sales teams worked hard to generate leads. They went door to door, made cold calls, and used face-to-face relationship-building techniques to connect with prospective customers. This… Read More

The Strategic Trifecta of Data Usage for Customer-Centric Marketing

Effectively employing data to create successful customer-centric marketing environments is the goal of marketers everywhere. Accomplishing this requires coordinating outbound communications so that they create a positive customer experience. Further, it’s imperative that all communications are easily distributed via all channels–and via all devices and media that an organization is utilizing.

This is the foundation for any marketing strategy. It creates a unified public appearance and, most importantly, a unified customer experience that reaches all clients and vendors.

However, when it comes to crunching the data required to achieve this goal, things… Read More

SMBs Poised to Fuel the Cloud Services Market

If there’s a need for more proof that the cloud services market is here to stay for the foreseeable future, research from Compass Intelligence on small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) demonstrates it.  The cloud services market as a whole is growing, and the SMB sector is one of the fastest-growing areas.

Currently, there are more than 12 million SMBs in the U.S.–and 22 million worldwide–and they’re already spending more than $150 billion on telecom services.  This sector is growing rapidly and has been for the last decade.   As a result,… Read More

VoIP Brings Big Benefits to Any Business

After over a century of relying on copper wire telephone communications, something better has finally come along.

VoIP systems, which send voice communications over the Internet rather than through the telephone companies, are currently taking over business communication practically unimpeded. Adoption is growing steadily and, once a company embraces VoIP, most don’t go back to the old ways.

Why are so many companies making the switch to VoIP? There are plenty of great reasons.


4 Ways VoIP Brings Major Improvements to Any Organization

1. Vastly Lower Prices

For many companies, the… Read More

6 Reasons Why Independent Telecom Agents Make More Sense

Businesses have more options in telecommunications and Telecom Partners than ever before. What was once a straightforward process of picking a telephone service has expanded into a world full of competing services and Agents looking for the best deal.

Why should a company choose an Independent Telecom Agent rather than going directly to providers? There are a number of reasons why this makes the most sense for a company looking to maximize the benefits of their communications investment.

1. The widest variety of custom options

Telecom Agents, especially those with years of… Read More

4 Trends Influencing the Selling and Buying of IT Security Solutions

Technology and market trends are influencing the evolution that is taking place in the IT security landscape. Big Data, mobility, the Cloud, and the Internet of Things have made dramatic changes in IT network accessibility, flexibility, agility, overall performance, and most important of all, IT security.

However, risks are part of doing business and IT security is a present and real concern — from infrastructure to servers, applications, and endpoint devices. In recent years, security breaches resulting in huge financial and reputation losses have not been rare. The Target Corporation data… Read More

5 Tips to Preserve Successful Telecom Alliances

In a massively networked world, telecommunications play the crucial role of connecting people, devices, and processes in the information community anytime and anywhere. Globalization, digitization, and intensifying competition are the driving forces behind the on-going telecom alliance movement where simple licensing agreements, affiliate marketing efforts, joint ventures, consortiums, mergers, and acquisitions are becoming increasingly common.

In a paper titled,“Strategic Alliances in the Telecommunications Sector,” author Eva Meurling, LL.M., states that about 80% of all strategic alliances are dissolved at an early stage because they do not achieve the desired goals…. Read More

Buyer Personas Help Guide Customers Through Their Journey

Successfully selling telecommunications services requires in-depth knowledge of clients and their needs. Telecom buyers increasingly demand custom solutions, tailored to their exact situations. Telecom agents who understand this, and look to fill those specific needs, will be far more successful in finding steady clients.

For many companies, the best way of achieving this is with detailed “buyer personas.” These personas can then inform and guide their sales processes to maximize conversions of website visitors to clients.

Building Accurate Buyer Personas
A buyer persona… Read More

Helping Customers Sell Themselves on SaaS Services

The push among businesses to adopt Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) options is only gaining momentum. The SaaS industry is adding billions of dollars of growth every year, making it a huge growth market.

What makes SaaS sales unique is that most companies investigating SaaS already want it. They are aware of many of its benefits, but need reassurance that SaaS implementations exist that will fit their individual needs.

By and large, selling SaaS boils down to emphasizing seven key aspects and demonstrating how they can be adapted to the specific client’s business…. Read More