The One Book That Serious Telecom Sales Agents Must Read Right Now

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Have you ever lost a big deal to another sales person who doesn’t provide half the value that your company does?  Have you ever clearly shown a client every logical reason to use your company services, only to lose out to another sales person with half the ability to deliver?  Has this ever happened multiple times in your career?  

Of course it has.  It’s happened to all of us!

You’re already a pretty good sales person if you’re in this telecom channel for the long haul.  And you’ve probably heard every sales technique and tip out there.  I have too…until I read one book recently, because it blew me away.  Because it goes against everything we’ve ever been taught, and is backed up by mounds of scientific research, as well as numerous real world examples.

I literally had goosebumps after reading this book…and I read a lot.  In fact, I read this book clear through the night because I couldn’t put it down.

We’ve all had to deal with decision-makers with enormous egos that get in their own way and we’ve all dealt with decision-makers who are overly analytical (“Just give me the numbers Bob”).  And we’ve all enviously observed how some sales personalities can manage these types consistently, and some that just get blown out.

Pitch Anything, by Oren D. Klaff, goes deep wide as to why some sales people own the room, and others get sucked up by it.  Some sales people think they have to supplicate in order to get the deal.  Some people get out-alpha’d by the alpha-male or female at the other end of the table, and some sales people can respectfully put them in their place.  And as a result, they get the deal.

Mr. Klaff is a very accomplished venture capitalist who has come up with a simple formula that has consistently landed him multi-million dollar deals (Google, Yahoo, Qualcomm), against companies he should not be winning against.  He goes deep into the psychology of the evolution of the human brain.  He helps the reader discover how the oldest and most basic portion of the brain, which he refers to as the crocodile brain, is the part that makes all of our buying decisions.  Not coincidentally, this is the part of the brain in charge of fight or flight.  

Bottom line…if you are speaking logically to the logical part of the brain, and not the crocodile brain, you’re fighting a losing battle.  If you speak (verbally or more importantly, non-verbally) to the crocodile brain, your chances of winning improve dramatically.

Pitch Anything talks first about theory:
  • Description of the crocodile brain
  • Unconscious Frames that humans impose on each other in every interaction
  • Frame busters to deal with these frames
  • Beta Traps:  Institutionalized traps designed to turn you into a beta-male or female when you enter a building
  • The importance of status in a sales interaction

Then he talks about his process for addressing all of these issues in any sales interaction.  
  • Frame busters, 
  • Time constraints, 
  • Structure of “Why now”, 
  • The idea introduction pattern, 
  • Dopamine boosters, 
  • The importance of tension (why nice guys don’t always win).  And supplication rarely gets you the best deals.
  • Push/pull, 
  • The secret sauce, 
  • And finally…the pitch.

600 words simply can’t do this book justice in reframing how telecom sales agents pitch their services to business owners and managers – especially the big fish.

You can read the first few pages of the book here to see if it fits your style: Google Books

Or you can buy the book on for $15 in physical copy or in Kindle copy (which I read on my Mac) here:  Pitch Anything on

As the book’s title implies, these systems are not just for pitching venture capitalists.  You can pitch anything with these tactics.  I haven’t referred this book to anyone, that makes a living by pitching their services, who wasn’t completely blown away by this book.  And I’ve personally implemented many of these strategies and THEY WORK!  

So if you’re looking to take your sale pitch to the next level, take a look and tell us what you think?

Read the first few pages:
Get the book:
Get the free Kindle App for your Mac and begin reading it right now:


2 thoughts on “The One Book That Serious Telecom Sales Agents Must Read Right Now

  1. Does this book apply for telemarketing too? Also, you seem very, very supportibve of his book for a casual consumer of the product. Are you in any way affiliated with this book, the author or publisher?


    • No, not affiliated with the book, publisher or the author in any way. Never met the author or anyone close to the author. And those links are not affiliate links. Just really enjoyed this book and thought it offered some very unique, helpful and original perspectives (have you ever seen a movie that you just wanted to tell everyone about?). Yes many of these concepts would be applicable to telemarketing as well, especially the crocodile brain and frame control. Thanks for asking!

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